In addition to its affiliation with Keep America Beautiful, KHIB engages in locally-based efforts to support environmental and social improvements in the state. Many of the KHIB programs and initiatives focus on hands-on work to restore the environment and build strong relationships.

Statewide Programs and Events

  • Going Green Recycling Community Cleanups
  • Get the Drift and Bag It
  • Native plantings and gardening
  • Recycling Initiatives
    • Waianae tire removal and recycling
    • Ship Unloading from Midway Island, Palmyra, and NW Hawaiian Islands in Honolulu
    • Collaboration on wetlands, streams, and reforestation projects
    • Supporting and promoting the establishment of an Environmental Court in Hawaii
    • Beautification gardens
  • Promoting public-private relationships
  • KAB Initiatives and Training
  • Annual Laulima Conference