Keep the Hawaiian Islands Beautiful (KHIB) provides an umbrella-style management system servicing organizations focused on environmental stewardship, community beautification, and social wellbeing throughout the state. Our affiliate network consists of both Keep America Beautiful (KAB) Local Affiliates as well as local organizations that are interested in partnering for the betterment of society. We are a partner based organization, which means we believe in putting differences aside and working together for the common good of our environment and community.

As an organization based on strengthening local groups through partnership and statewide coordination, our services to our affiliates include:

  • KAB Program/Event sponsorship, outreach, and coordination
  • Support for local causes, programs, and events
  • Planning and development of environmental and social improvement projects
  • Environmental education, resources, and awareness
  • Cross-Coordination between like-minded organizations and individuals

As the Hawaii State Affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Keep the Hawaiian Islands Beautiful coordinates and promotes KAB programs and events across Hawaii. With our affiliate network, we are able to engage and support all four counties in the state. In addition to the KAB national programs, KHIB also coordinates many statewide programs and events.

National Programs and Events »

These include official KAB sponsored programs/events as well as other nationwide initiatives that we endorse to keep Hawaii a beautiful setting for all.

Statewide Programs and Events »

These include local programs/events designed specifically with the Hawaiian Islands in mind.

Want to get involved in one of our programs? Have an event you want to share? Contact Us.