Grassroots Support

Perhaps KHIB’s primary commitment is to local grassroots affiliates, partners, and those just starting out. KHIB often functions as an umbrella organization, bringing together local organizations to strengthen partnerships and increase efficiency and efficacy of their services. With an extensive, statewide affiliate network, KHIB facilitates communication and sharing of ideas to build a more unified presence of environmental awareness for the state. Some of the specific benefits KHIB offers to partners and affiliates include:

  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Data and reporting assistance
  • Financial support as a funding agency
  • Grant finding and writing support
  • Liability insurance support
  • Outreach and education materials and assistance
  • Cleanup materials

Are you a local grassroots organization seeking to build partnerships, expand capacity and enhance your impact?

KHIB can assist in kick starting your organization, or if you’re already established we can assist in promotion, programs, and provide support where you need it.

Contact us to learn how we can partner, or for details on how we’ve found success with our most recent partner organization, HOH808.

young people pose for a group shot at a mangrove removal site