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Continuing our partnership with Sony, KHIB will be conducting an E-Waste Recycling event on Saturday December 2nd, 9-1pm at Kapolei High School, with Sony providing 2 tickets to Sony Open and a cooler bag to every person that drops off an item.  You don’t want to miss this one, a chance to see PGA golf here in the islands.

In another great event, KHIB in partnership with Sony had a great cleanup at Kahe Point beach park situated along the cliffs west of Kapolei.  The awesome students from Lolita’s class joined us and went to work fast, tracking the data of what they collected as the went, they didn’t even want to stop for lunch.  Awesome young stewards!!!

Sony graciously provided us with reusable cooler bags, perfect for a day at the beach.  KHIB is proud of our continuing partnership with Sony and excited for the upcoming Sony Open.

The students were able to collect a large amount of rubbish, even finding two tires.  They were very passionate and driven in the process.  We hope a sign of things to come from these youths!


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