Fill-A-Bag Fridays

Keep The Hawaiian Islands is proud to introduce our new weekly cleaning initiative for communal well-being, Fill-a-Bag Fridays! We are encouraging others to share their cleanup story with us and win prizes via a weekly drawing using the hashtags #fillabagfriday and #keephibeautiful. We are asking people to participate to help spread the fun and good feeling of being a steward for your neighborhood. We can preserve our streets and communities together!

The goal of this campaign is to encourage people to take charge of their communities and for them to provide a role model for other people to see. Change starts from within, it starts by being a shining example of a caring community.   We want you to help us by being a community leader, taking charge and tackling this serious problem from a grassroots level.  Plus you can win cool prizes from our sponsors!!! It’s a win-win scenario.

Please share your cleanup with us and tell us a bit about what you find also if possible. Data collection is one of the best tools against pollution. It allows us to present solid tangible evidence that shows the problem and the difference that our volunteers make. It really is much nicer to walk down a clean street.

Our communities need protection. We can be the heroes, leading an effort to change people’s attitudes. Unfortunately, pollution is the type of problem where a few rotten apples can make a giant mess. Many neighborhoods have this problem, common areas that are outside of property lines that suffer from the accrual and build-up of trash. Some people just have a neighbor who lets trash go everywhere. Why? We must do something. We must be our brother’s keeper, and so here is a chance, Fill-a-Bag Fridays!


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