Recycle-Bowl Registration Open!!

Have you marked the date on your calendar?  It’s a great chance to share joy and responsibility with others and enjoy a special day.  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Your Birthday??
What Day do you think I’m talking about!  Well you might be getting excited like us for America Recycles Day, November 15th!!!! That’s right, the ides of November marks the chance to help ensure our worlds future.  America Recycles Day is great way to remember to keep it green.

The Recycle Bowl is a challenge that culminates on America Recycles Day.  A coordinated project between Keep America Beautiful, Keep the Hawaiian Islands Beautiful and Recycle Hawaii this month long challenge spans the month prior to ARD spurring participating K-12 schools into a point based contest.  This is a great way to teach children the ancient art of Recycling that we shall continue to pass down and improve for our future.  From the smelting pot of old to the high tech factories of today, recycling just makes cents.

Schools are bracketed in State and National divisions with categories to help schools find the best challengers.  The prize, donated by local business interests, is a monetary reward for the schools hard work.  Yes we hope they put in an ice cream machine when your school wins too.

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Recycle Bowl Hawaii

Keep America Beautiful

Recycle Bowl National

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