Get The Drift and Bag It! Hawaii’s International Coastal Cleanup Month

graphic showing top ten categories of trash collected from ocean beaches

We are getting all geared up for this year’s Get the Drift and Bag It campaign (part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup)! We are counting on volunteers just like you to help us lead the charge in keeping our coastlines pristine and aquamarine. Through a partnership with The Ocean Conservancy we here at Keep the Hawaiian Islands Beautiful are committed to celebrating the natural wonder of our world every year and enjoying it as we care for the community around us.

graphic showing top ten categories of trash collected from ocean beachesThe goal of Get the Drift and Bag It! is to inspire cleanups at coastlines all around the state in a coordinated effort to spur community involvement. The significance of these events is the data collection aspect, which helps map out the types and distribution of marine debris so that management and policy can be better informed. Please contact us if you would like to start a cleanup in your area or join one already in process. This is a global effort that runs from September 16th to October 14th giving you plenty of time to coordinate your friends, relatives and perfect strangers for a great beach day of service and sun. And now that the beach is nice and clean it’s time to catch some waves and nice sun rays.

Our oceans are danger, we owe it to the future of this blue marble to put in the effort to stem the tide of pollution and rubbish from our waters. The ocean and your blood are similar in salinity, if you accept the theory that life arose from the ocean you see now that it is our time to go back and cleanse the seas. In many ways, each person is their own ocean*, a product of billions of years of natural processes and selection, fortunate enough to have the clear conscience to see the follies of our ways and engage in the strategy of reforming this fledgling young technological society into one that rejoices at the thought of environmentalism and stewardship.

A good way to get connected would be to download the Ocean Conservancy’s, Clean Swell app, which provides a look at cleanup efforts worldwide. Together with dedicated effort we can rescue our shores.

*See The Wonders of Blood, New York Times, October 20, 2008.

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