KHIB Excursion with Western Kentucky Univ.

Pouhala Marsh visit with Western Kentucky University -- attendees in the field

Sharing the kokua we had lovely visitors from a fine academic institution from blue grass state, Western Kentucky University. We engaged in a field excursion to the Pouhala Marsh to show them the beauty of out planting natives back into their endemic habits. Amid the flora and fauna we were able to discuss the topics of resource management with our kind visitors, and show them the work that has come out of our partnership with DLNR-DoFAW and Hui O Ho’ohonua.

closeup of plant at Pouhala MarshOne of the primary goals is to remove the invasive mangrove and replace it with a beautiful stand of environmentally beneficial hala (panormus) and other native species. This vital tree served many, many purposes for native Hawaiians and is a pride and joy to plant and see grow.

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